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Korina and I embrace the full spectrum of what the hobby of aviculture has to offer: we adopt, foster, and educate others on how to enjoy a mutually fulfilling relationship with parrots. Although we raise a few different species of parrots, we encourage you to look for a companion at one of your local parrot shelters. Adopting a parrot requires more commitment to educating yourself on their care than it does a domestic pet, such as a dog or cat. However, if you are able to make room for a parrot in your life, you will be richly rewarded by a companion that will potentially live for many decades.


Therefore, when it comes to selecting a parrot, do not be focused on finding a parrot "puppy" because you will have a better idea of the true temperament of your companion once it has reached sexual maturity. The bittersweet side of living with parrots is that most "bird people" are animal lovers and your parrot will often continue to call your other pets by name, long after they have passed away. One example is Felix, a Congo African Grey we adopted a couple of years ago when he was 22 years of age. It did not take Felix long to learn our dogs' names and he continues to pay tribute to Braco and Beau with daily utterances of "come here Beau!" "Braco no! Good dog!" even though we lost both dogs to cancer.


We are members of the American Federation of Aviculture and we highly recommend membership with the organization and suggest taking their online courses on avian care. Additionally, if you have any questions on caring for your bird, please consider us a resource as we enjoy "talking birds".

Brent and Korina Hayward

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